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Awakening As I sit here preparing mentally to share this blog with you my dear friends, the intention of awakening is to bring miraculous healing. At the end "awakening" does just allows us to recognize what triggers us so we can heal from all the junk that no longer serves us. It is a daily process of mindfully being in the present and doing the work.  I have written other blogs about my personal experiences on awakening (spiritual awakening, ascension) and today spirit guided me to bring you this blog post. The intention is that it resonates with you in some sort of level and if it doesn't that is perfectly okay! Yesterday, I was going healing work at The Mystical Moon Faire. My morning began quiet. As I held space for all the great readers that were among me. I held the intention that the great master Yoga Bhajan gave me "Don't go and get it. Be. Allow it to come to you" so I held space and the rest of the day was busy. I know my great work is sup…
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The Grasshopper

In the beginning of this week, I had a conversation with my Angelic Spiritual team. I was very specific in my prayer. All week I was open for the answers to my prayer.  Yesterday, this grasshopper was hanging around at the window (as shown above), I didn't think anything about it. Granted, today he got my attention because he must have slept there all night and this morning he was still at the window. Since I know Spirit communicates with me through different signs. I was like okay Mr. Grasshopper, you've got my attention. What is the Spirit Animal message you have for me today. Since he didn't leave he remain right at that window. 
When the grasshopper spirit animal comes leaping into your life, it signifies your need to make a tremendous leap of faith.
Just like the cricket symbolism, the grasshopper symbolism wants you to know that if you aim high and go where others are scared to go, you will accomplish amazing feats and achieve incredible results!
The grasshopper spirit a…


Unplugging A week ago, I started feeling like I was coming down with something. I began taking my holistic remedy I make to fight what wants to come on. I mix garlic, lemon juice, and honey. I take this 3 to 4 times a day and it always breaks down what wants to come.  I could not shake it and also began to drank plenty of orange juice. On Thursday, my higher self spoke to me as I meditated. This was purging process. I needed to unplug and allow the purging to occur. I decided to stay put over the weekend. I continue to take my holistic mix and drink orange juice but I also welcome the process.  Understanding that there are energetic downloads occurring.  Understanding that the New Moon Eclipse is approaching on July 31st. Understanding that the Lions Gate is opening and the energies are already intensifying. I understanding this is the process to level up. To ascend into higher consciousness.  When I began my spiritual awakening, and I began my inner healing work. I never get sick. My …

What Do You Do For Self Care

How does "Self Care" look like for you? Do you take time for your "Self Care"? Self Care is so important for your overall well-being. Self Care can be as simple as walking outside in nature and enjoying the fresh breeze and the warmth of the sunshine. Self Care can also be giving yourself a pamper day. Who doesn't feel like a million bucks after a mani-pedi. I know love those pamper days.  I also love my massages. Yesterday I went to Sweet Relief Massage Therapy. I have been seeing Katie for a year now. I have done cupping with her. Yesterday I wanted to try Hot Stones/Massage combo.  This is how my "Self Care" looked like yesterday. It had been a minute since I had my last session with her. I had a cupping/massage session with her in April right before my White Tantric Yoga experience. It was long overdue.  I left feeling refreshed and so rejuvenated. It felt so good to have her work the knots from my shoulders.   Her space is so tranquil. Beautiful energy…

Gem Elixirs

Gem Elixirs  I have two water bottles that have Shungite and Apophyllite crystals inside them. I found this very special water bottle "LOVE" all over at Starbucks on day. It was on clearance and I said this is the perfect water bottle for me. I am all about LOVE. The intention and the crystals amplify my cells. It provides me with the energy I need vibrate at a higher level.  I also have a water container that has Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Shungite, and Citrine. I pour that water into this water bottle which contains these crystals. What does your water elixirs look like?  Read about the amazing benefits of these stones.  Apophyllite Crystal - has a strong action to aid spiritual healing on a deep soul level. It is a helpful stone to aid depression, anxiety and stress related issues. It will help to dissolve blockages in many areas of the body, and may be combined with any other stone to boost that stone's energy to bring through healing.Shungite crystal - Drinking this puri…

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An Angelic Sign A Day Keeps Negativity At Bay

"An Angelic Sign A Day  Keeps Negativity At Bay. Nannice Santana" Every day is a positive day when I receive an angelic sign.  It truly keeps negativity at bay.  Having a little Snapchat fun during my  spiritual maintenance detox week. This picture was taken Friday July 5th.  Grateful to receive daily angelic signs. Always open to what the Divine has in store for me. What signs do you see often? How does the Divine communicate with you? Are you open for the signs? Would love to hear from you.